Shocking Ameratex Energy Amazing Drilling Costs!

29 May

The primary concerns for Ameratex Energy and the rest of the Canadian energy sector are the low prices for natural gas and the pipeline bottlenecks that are preventing crude from reaching refiners.

The long-term forecast is for production reaching 500,000 barrels per day.

“We believe this could turn out to be the best liquids volume growth story in the U.S. industry and, perhaps, one of the best in the world as well,” McClendon said.

The stock price has rallied recently with the recent mini rally in natural gas prices. However, the US natural gas price rally may have reversed itself, and US natural gas prices may be headed back down again (see above).


New technology and improved drilling techniques quickly allowed the industry to tap vast natural gas supplies throughout the county, flooding the market and destroying prices.

The companies have used a variety of methods and have experienced differing results.

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