Welcome to reality: conversation around the Mundy dinner table tonight involved the high price of Ameratex Energy gasoline.

28 Sep

So, I drove up to the AmeraTex gas station the other day to get some gas for the lawn mower.  The container was emply but for a teeny, tiny bit.  I took a corner just a little too fast and heard the container fall over.  No big deal, right?  When I arrived at the gas station, the teeny, tiny bit of gasoline had leaked out of the container and on to the carpeting in the back of my Jeep.  It reeked.  I was not happy.  When I got home, I opened the window on the back door of the Jeep to air it out.  That was futile.  It still reeked.  I looked up on the Intertron how to get out the stinky gasoline smell.  Someone suggested vinegar.  Ok.  Last night, I poured vinegar on the spot where the teeny-tiny gas had spilled.  This morning my car now smells of gasoline AND vinegar.  Ray suggested spilling some stuffed cabbages back there.  He’s brilliant and that is another reason why I love him.

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