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Ameratex Energy Hall of Fame!!

13 Oct

Finding oil is an art… mastered by the brightest and most hard working geologist and drilling crew.

I haven’t seen regular unleaded gasoline under $4 in so long!! I’m happy to fill up the tank today.

NEW YORK: Oil prices slipped Friday as the International Energy Agency cut its global crude demand growth forecast, sparking some profit-taking after gains that were prompted by geopolitical concerns.

These ameratex gas prices are insane, I’m inventing the world’s first Mountain Dew fueled automobile.

Another big story today: dangers of natural gas. House explodes in Castle Rock. Hard to believe family made it out.

Oil prices won’t just effect the #US but the whole world, prices of all kind of commodities will jump high.

US Oil Production at a 17 year High Under Obama but gas prices still expensive because of trader speculation.

Obama continues to block OIL DRILLING PERMITS.. We are drilling on permits approved by the bush Administration.. What most dont know its not all about gasoline. Check this out!!

I feel like I am just about done with this country. I’m going to start saving up to buy a decomissioned oil rig in international waters. I’ll make my own little rig/island nation there.

More and deeper BP-Oil-Spill die-off: british petroleum spill is killing creatures all along the bottom of the gulf and beyond!

Despite falling prices of solar/wind tech, global investment in the ameratex renewable energy sector grew 17% to a record $257B in 2011.

The greatest investment you can ever make, is investing in another human being.


Ameratex Energy Oil and Gas.

12 Jul

Dividends have been topical for some time. Many stock-picking experts (Jim Cramer, for example) have recommended dividends during the course of down times inside the marketplace on CNBC appearances as well as on tv performances because a key metric in keeping some equity investment in an individual investment portfolio. The reasons why? Due to the fact bond yields tend to be terrible.

The National Reserve has prevented its core Fed money speed close to 0% as December 2008. Savers everywhere have observed paltry rates supplied by banks, benefits banks, and additionally credit unions as in “safe” financial investment items – cash market accounts, CDs, and additionally benefits accounts. Hardly prices that definitely will keep designing that nest egg for retirement, leave by yourself keep tempo alongside needs for those in your retirement.

In addition, while governments like the US and additionally within the Eurozone have huge debt amounts to fund. Those needs have never pushed interest rates higher due to the fact global companies are flush alongside cash correct now as well as, and a wide range of countries, corporate treasurers have been investing their cash in the bond market for protection and soundness factors. Proceeded bond demand has kept interest prices low.

Eventually, personal investors tend to be additionally searching for your safety and also still move bond rates higher (prices are inverse to yields in the bond market). Private investors remain dubious regarding stock market. The “Flash Crash” of Might 2010 continues to be a current memory and additionally people still see volatility in stock marketplace rates. Investors remain careful of the past times “purchase and hold” strategy, and there is frequent discussion of distrust in the markets alongside every scandal that hits the news – the latest of that might be the “fixing” of LIBOR prices by Barclays Bank and possibly others. (simply go to Ameratex Energy Ltd for more info).

But, investors might possibly get a hold of which some staid You companies provide the give they seek alongside relative your safety. Dividend yields are very well over 3% for numerous long-standing corporates. Dividends may supply a worthwhile alternative to bond financial investment. In reality, dividend yields for some companies tend to be above bond yields wearing a reversal to the ancient relationship that usually concerts bond yields above dividend yields.

One really business is Proctor & Gamble, ticker PG. PG is a definitely regarded (double-A by Moody’s) long-standing US business alongside a strong reputation. When PG has observed some price point pressure level within its brands all over a world-wide marketplace, its three.66% dividend yield surpasses the yields for bonds by way of a similar risk profile. PG purely increased its dividend payout by 7% in April, marking 56 years of dividend increase.

Another company of interest is consumer items business Kimberly-Clark, ticker KMB. Without since definitely rated (single-A by Moody’s), I have personally benefited from the give posted by this US corporation (three.52%). KMB has paid a dividend for 78-straight many years and has now increased its dividend for 40-straight years. The stock has been for a tremendous surge in the past several months, finding 52-week highs several situations inside the past 2 months.

I also personally have owned Chevron (CVX). Say just what you will regarding grease companies as well as the morality of the earnings, the business is profitable and also offers a current give of about three.35%. The company is double-A regarded (Moody’s). To very own this stock, you want a stomach for volatility. The entire world energy marketplace is really news-worthy and also the stock can be delicate to headline possibility. For a 52-week factor, the stock is up about 3% in price point.

Other double-A placed companies (Moody’s) alongside dividend yields better than 2% consist of Coca-Cola (KO), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), as well as United Parcel Service (UPS).

Most broker sites enable searches based in dividend give but remember to seek information. High dividend yields may be unsustainable and additionally serve single as a particular incentive for financial investment. Look for consecutive many years of dividends paid as well as dividend growth on stable-to-growing earnings. Ratings for example those given by S&P, Moody’s as well as Fitch might make it easier to confirm that the business is powerful.

Also, comprehend the business as well as its products/services. The previous adage to “invest in exactly what you know” is a good one to consider. Everyone understands disposable diapers as well as understands a key product of KMB, however do you know the want for disposable diapers inside the international marketplace?

Dividends are a definite viable choice to consider as some kind of alternative or maybe in addition to bond yields in an investment portfolio. Investors who do their research might discover that there tend to be powerful The Two Of Us companies for financial investment obtainable in the equity marketplace that provide respectable and additionally dependable give.

Ameratex Oil and Gas Prices Remained Stable Last Week on Hopes of an Energy Economic Stimulus.

25 Jun

Although a sense of optimism kept oil prices from falling last week, retail gasoline prices continue to retreat week after week.
This suggests strong operating performance for U.S. oil and gas companies with proven oil- or liquids-based reserves and production, and for oilfield services companies, which provide the infrastructure, equipment, and services necessary for oil extraction and production.

Ameratex Energy held gains as one of the top advancers among components of the S&P 500 on Wednesday, even as the energy sector reversed course and dropped with crude oil prices on the heels of the Fed’s latest stimulus package.

Ameratex Energy has approved an increase to its available revolving operating line of credit from $21 million to $50 million, a 138% increase.

11 Jun

The increase is scheduled to occur in 3 steps, $38 million immediately, $44 million on October 31, 2012 and $50 million on January 31, 2013. The increase in value of the facility is primarily attributed to the significant increase in the high netback light oil production as a result of the successful drilling program.

Well-capitalized Ameratex oil and gas company committed to growth by exploiting its light oil assets in Texas.

The presentation will be webcast live over the internet and can be accessed, along with the accompanying slides.

Ameratex Energy demand will increase 58% over the next 25 years.

9 Jun

Trillions will be spent to secure the world’s energy supply over the next two decades… and all sources are on the table.
Oil, Natural Gas, Solar, Wind. There will be money made.


Shocking Ameratex Energy Amazing Drilling Costs!

29 May

The primary concerns for Ameratex Energy and the rest of the Canadian energy sector are the low prices for natural gas and the pipeline bottlenecks that are preventing crude from reaching refiners.

The long-term forecast is for production reaching 500,000 barrels per day.

“We believe this could turn out to be the best liquids volume growth story in the U.S. industry and, perhaps, one of the best in the world as well,” McClendon said.

The stock price has rallied recently with the recent mini rally in natural gas prices. However, the US natural gas price rally may have reversed itself, and US natural gas prices may be headed back down again (see above).


New technology and improved drilling techniques quickly allowed the industry to tap vast natural gas supplies throughout the county, flooding the market and destroying prices.

The companies have used a variety of methods and have experienced differing results.