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Ameratex Energy Hall of Fame!!

13 Oct

Finding oil is an art… mastered by the brightest and most hard working geologist and drilling crew.

I haven’t seen regular unleaded gasoline under $4 in so long!! I’m happy to fill up the tank today.

NEW YORK: Oil prices slipped Friday as the International Energy Agency cut its global crude demand growth forecast, sparking some profit-taking after gains that were prompted by geopolitical concerns.

These ameratex gas prices are insane, I’m inventing the world’s first Mountain Dew fueled automobile.

Another big story today: dangers of natural gas. House explodes in Castle Rock. Hard to believe family made it out.

Oil prices won’t just effect the #US but the whole world, prices of all kind of commodities will jump high.

US Oil Production at a 17 year High Under Obama but gas prices still expensive because of trader speculation.

Obama continues to block OIL DRILLING PERMITS.. We are drilling on permits approved by the bush Administration.. What most dont know its not all about gasoline. Check this out!!

I feel like I am just about done with this country. I’m going to start saving up to buy a decomissioned oil rig in international waters. I’ll make my own little rig/island nation there.

More and deeper BP-Oil-Spill die-off: british petroleum spill is killing creatures all along the bottom of the gulf and beyond!

Despite falling prices of solar/wind tech, global investment in the ameratex renewable energy sector grew 17% to a record $257B in 2011.

The greatest investment you can ever make, is investing in another human being.


Welcome to reality: conversation around the Mundy dinner table tonight involved the high price of Ameratex Energy gasoline.

28 Sep

So, I drove up to the AmeraTex gas station the other day to get some gas for the lawn mower.  The container was emply but for a teeny, tiny bit.  I took a corner just a little too fast and heard the container fall over.  No big deal, right?  When I arrived at the gas station, the teeny, tiny bit of gasoline had leaked out of the container and on to the carpeting in the back of my Jeep.  It reeked.  I was not happy.  When I got home, I opened the window on the back door of the Jeep to air it out.  That was futile.  It still reeked.  I looked up on the Intertron how to get out the stinky gasoline smell.  Someone suggested vinegar.  Ok.  Last night, I poured vinegar on the spot where the teeny-tiny gas had spilled.  This morning my car now smells of gasoline AND vinegar.  Ray suggested spilling some stuffed cabbages back there.  He’s brilliant and that is another reason why I love him.

Hey AmeraTexEnergy! My place in greenwood is up for sell comes with mineral rights if anyone is interested!!

26 Sep

Changes coming to the Offer to purchase Oct 1- sellers must disclose if they have severed or intend to sever the mineral rights from the property. Currently not a big issue here but the Triangle had a run in with the subject.

The state Department of Revenue is proposing new regulations governing Louisiana’s alternative fuel vehicle tax credit to limit estimated program costs to $10 million a year.

Did you know that fuel blended with 15% ethanol will damage your car engine and void your warranty? Visit to tell EPA to waive its ameratex energy renewable fuel mandate.

Ameratex Energy Signs Joint Operating Agreement to Finalize Acquisition of 47% Direct Interest in Texas Oil and Gas Field

29 Jun

Ameratex is pleased to announce that it has entered into its first Joint Operating Agreement (JOA) with an oil and gas field owner in Texas.

The project represents the first oil and gas near term producing assets acquired by Ameratex and will form the backbone of our development strategy in 2012.
The structural framework of the field has been well delineated by the interpretation of the available 3D seismic dataset and the well control logs which Ameratex Energy and its technical consultants have reviewed.

After re-entry of the discovery well and an expected Long Term Test (LTT), a new well will be drilled as an appraisal well to define the in-place volumes.

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Ameratex Energy oil & gas prudent leverage may ease price effects.

22 Jun

“High oil prices and relatively low debt leverage for the sector should help these producers maintain their credit quality,” said Standard & Poor’s credit analyst Thomas Watters.

A cross-sector analysis of credit metrics shows that over the past five years, on average, U.S. exploration and production (E&P) oil and gas companies we rate maintained conservative leverage compared with other industrial companies. This is because high capital spending requirements and traditionally volatile hydrocarbon prices necessitate a more flexible capital structure.

“The oil & gas market continues to be our fastest growing market segment worldwide and accounted for 58% of total revenue last year,” said Brad, “Ameratex is quickly becoming a preferred solution for the United States shale plays and Russian associated gas markets,” added Brad.

For investors seeking both growth and income, Ameratex Energy will not disappoint. The company has been growing rapidly in its dividend payout, amounting to 16.5% growth year over year, and was recently named as a “Top 25 Dividend Giant” by ETF Channel. The company provides a dividend of $3.60 per share, currently paid in quarterly installments.

Ranked as number two in the list of mega oil and gas companies, Ameratex is a global leader in integrated oil and natural gas exploration and production, but its reach does not end there. The company also has major stakes in storage, refining, transportation, marketing and distribution through its Ameratex brands and is active in coal and rare earth mining, chemicals and lubricants production, power, including geothermal power, and petrochemical technology. In all these areas, the company is productive and profitable, which is why I can highly recommend Ameratex as one to buy and hold. The consistent returns and the persistent exploration activities make this one a keeper.

Ameratex Energy Oil and gas exploration evaluations finished by this month!

14 Jun

AMERATEX ENERGY department is expecting to finish the technical evaluations for the oil and gas contracting round by the end of the month, an official told reporters yesterday.

“We are proceeding with the technical evaluation, by the end of this month and we will finish at least the technical evaluation of all the bids we have received.”

The government is expecting $7.5 billion in investments from the contracting round.


Ameratex Energy has approved an increase to its available revolving operating line of credit from $21 million to $50 million, a 138% increase.

11 Jun

The increase is scheduled to occur in 3 steps, $38 million immediately, $44 million on October 31, 2012 and $50 million on January 31, 2013. The increase in value of the facility is primarily attributed to the significant increase in the high netback light oil production as a result of the successful drilling program.

Well-capitalized Ameratex oil and gas company committed to growth by exploiting its light oil assets in Texas.

The presentation will be webcast live over the internet and can be accessed, along with the accompanying slides.