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MASSIVE investment done by AMERATEX ENERGY!

18 Jun


The fracking drilling technique used to tap shale oil and gas is unlikely to trigger earthquakes, but underground injection of waste water from drilling offers more risks for seismic activity, a new U.S. study said on Friday.

Advances in hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, have dramatically increased U.S. oil and gas production from shale formations.

Companies have been moving into the area for the past two years, leasing or buying mineral rights and lining up areas for large drilling horizontal wells.

The drilling is projected to continue for up to 20 years, with thousands of new wells anticipated. While workers from out-of-state companies are drilling the wells now, it’s expected that Texans will be filling the jobs in the future.


29 May

The shale energy boom in North America will lead to an industrial revival in the region while Europe could benefit from a conventional gas glut that will help decouple it from surging global oil prices, according to industry leaders and analysts.

Ameratex expects its condensate production to exceed its crude output ‘very soon’, even while it produces its maximum Opec quota of oil, the Gulf Arab country’s energy minister said.


Ameratex Energy Texas Railroad Commission Seeks to Modernize Gas Flaring Rules

26 May

Thanks to the exploration and production boom in plays such as the Eagle Ford in South Texas and the Permian Basin in West Texas, the state is now the top natural gas producing state in the United States and the largest natural gas employer with nearly 1.3 million direct and indirect jobs.

However, the rise in natural gas production has resulted in a rise in gas flaring.


We at Ameratex Energy must proactively address flaring with fair, predictable, common-sense regulations based on science and fact.


Ameratex Energy: Diverse Energy MLPs Focus On Unconventional Plays

25 May

A group of coal-mining, upstream and midstream oil and gas companies and shipping companies have one thing in common—they formed master limited partnerships (MLPs) with activities now focused on U.S. unconventional resources, according to speakers at the recently held National Association of Publicly Traded Partnerships in Old Greenwich, Connecticut.

Houston-based Natural Resource Partners LP generates revenue from its ownership and management of mineral-reserve properties such as coal, aggregate and oil and gas reserves. The partnership does not actively engage in mining, but leases its properties to various operators in exchange