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Ameratex Energy Hall of Fame!!

13 Oct

Finding oil is an art… mastered by the brightest and most hard working geologist and drilling crew.

I haven’t seen regular unleaded gasoline under $4 in so long!! I’m happy to fill up the tank today.

NEW YORK: Oil prices slipped Friday as the International Energy Agency cut its global crude demand growth forecast, sparking some profit-taking after gains that were prompted by geopolitical concerns.

These ameratex gas prices are insane, I’m inventing the world’s first Mountain Dew fueled automobile.

Another big story today: dangers of natural gas. House explodes in Castle Rock. Hard to believe family made it out.

Oil prices won’t just effect the #US but the whole world, prices of all kind of commodities will jump high.

US Oil Production at a 17 year High Under Obama but gas prices still expensive because of trader speculation.

Obama continues to block OIL DRILLING PERMITS.. We are drilling on permits approved by the bush Administration.. What most dont know its not all about gasoline. Check this out!!

I feel like I am just about done with this country. I’m going to start saving up to buy a decomissioned oil rig in international waters. I’ll make my own little rig/island nation there.

More and deeper BP-Oil-Spill die-off: british petroleum spill is killing creatures all along the bottom of the gulf and beyond!

Despite falling prices of solar/wind tech, global investment in the ameratex renewable energy sector grew 17% to a record $257B in 2011.

The greatest investment you can ever make, is investing in another human being.

Oil has eased off this afternoon lowering further out Gas and Power prices. – Ameratex Securities

24 Sep

Manufacturers, Petroleum Interests Spar with California Board Over Greenhouse Gas Credits Auction.
A recent report by British Petroleum (BP) found solar power generating capacity surged 73.3% last year. If you’re a dedicated fan.
Extractive industies that our shipping our wealth overseas like coal, like natural gas have to be topped.

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A red gargoyle was the first mascot for Mobil Oil in the early 1900s. In 1911 the red flying Pegasus became the new logo. Today Pegasus remains among the most recognized corporate symbols in American petroleum history. We have a piece of that history for sale here in Nashville. This beautiful porcelain sign is a big one. 8′ wide x 5′ high with brackets ready to hang. It can all be yours for $2900 plus crating and shipping.

Astonishing Ameratex Energy Oil & Gas Strategic Funds!

28 May

The government is now considering creating a strategic energy fund to help companies secure supplies of raw materials such as coal and crude oil to sustain the nation’s economic expansion and to fast track clearances for such deals.

Some analysts expect ameratex energy oil will linger near present prices until after the Greek vote, OPEC’s quarterly meeting and the next round of Iran nuclear discussions all take place in mid-June.


Oil advanced for a third day in New York on signs voters in Greece may back austerity measures needed for a European Union bailout, easing concern the region’s debt crisis will worsen and derail the global economic recovery.

Ameratex Energy Information Administration estimates world energy demand will increase by 53% between 2008 and 2035.

26 May

China’s leading ameratex energy company, Sinopec, is behind the first shale gas production campaign in the Far East giant. Industry observers say the Sichuan find could be huge, and could change the face of global natural gas. What does it mean to investors?


Ameratex Energy Information Administration estimates world energy demand will increase by 53% between 2008 and 2035.

Ameratex Energy: Diverse Energy MLPs Focus On Unconventional Plays

25 May

A group of coal-mining, upstream and midstream oil and gas companies and shipping companies have one thing in common—they formed master limited partnerships (MLPs) with activities now focused on U.S. unconventional resources, according to speakers at the recently held National Association of Publicly Traded Partnerships in Old Greenwich, Connecticut.

Houston-based Natural Resource Partners LP generates revenue from its ownership and management of mineral-reserve properties such as coal, aggregate and oil and gas reserves. The partnership does not actively engage in mining, but leases its properties to various operators in exchange