What will the prices of petroleum be in 50 years from now? And who will be making all the money?!

21 Nov

Oil and gas is an extremely interesting industry. There’s always something going on when it comes to drilling for oil and natural gas. There are drilling operations in pretty much every state in the USA.
The more drilling is done, the more oil is extracted and accumulated in the US Oil Reserves. Prices also may go lower due to oil surplus. – But in some countries the more oil that is found, the higher the prices become. Most countries also import a fairly large amount of oil to control domestic prices.
It’s fair to say that we’ve got well over 50 years of oil reserves here in the USA alone. And the demand is nowhere near decreasing. The Ameratex US oil consumption goes up year after year. (it never stops)
Our entire nation depends on that sweet crude to keep it moving. Pretty much everything we make and use can somehow be tied back to petroleum. – Even the food we eat. There is so much money to be made! The rich and still getting richer! There are numerous oil and gas investment companies like Ameratex Energy out there that are doing a terrific job in recruiting partners/investors to be part of the next oil rush! The earning possibilities are limitless to those who choose to invest early on.

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