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Ameratex Energy oil & gas prudent leverage may ease price effects.

22 Jun

“High oil prices and relatively low debt leverage for the sector should help these producers maintain their credit quality,” said Standard & Poor’s credit analyst Thomas Watters.

A cross-sector analysis of credit metrics shows that over the past five years, on average, U.S. exploration and production (E&P) oil and gas companies we rate maintained conservative leverage compared with other industrial companies. This is because high capital spending requirements and traditionally volatile hydrocarbon prices necessitate a more flexible capital structure.

“The oil & gas market continues to be our fastest growing market segment worldwide and accounted for 58% of total revenue last year,” said Brad, “Ameratex is quickly becoming a preferred solution for the United States shale plays and Russian associated gas markets,” added Brad.

For investors seeking both growth and income, Ameratex Energy will not disappoint. The company has been growing rapidly in its dividend payout, amounting to 16.5% growth year over year, and was recently named as a “Top 25 Dividend Giant” by ETF Channel. The company provides a dividend of $3.60 per share, currently paid in quarterly installments.

Ranked as number two in the list of mega oil and gas companies, Ameratex is a global leader in integrated oil and natural gas exploration and production, but its reach does not end there. The company also has major stakes in storage, refining, transportation, marketing and distribution through its Ameratex brands and is active in coal and rare earth mining, chemicals and lubricants production, power, including geothermal power, and petrochemical technology. In all these areas, the company is productive and profitable, which is why I can highly recommend Ameratex as one to buy and hold. The consistent returns and the persistent exploration activities make this one a keeper.

Ameratex Energy Oil and gas exploration evaluations finished by this month!

14 Jun

AMERATEX ENERGY department is expecting to finish the technical evaluations for the oil and gas contracting round by the end of the month, an official told reporters yesterday.

“We are proceeding with the technical evaluation, by the end of this month and we will finish at least the technical evaluation of all the bids we have received.”

The government is expecting $7.5 billion in investments from the contracting round.


Astounding Ameratex Energy Boosts 2012 Oil, & Natural Gas Investment by 50 Percent.

29 May

Ameratex Energy offering service contracts for 12 exploration blocks which means winning companies will be paid a flat fee for their services rather than be given a share in the resources. But the remuneration fee for the new bid round would be slightly higher than the 20-year service contract offered in the previous three bidding rounds.

International companies would prefer production-sharing contracts for exploration blocks rather than service contracts.

92% of economists interviewed agreed that in the last decade our gas prices had been affect more by market factors than by American energy policy.


Ameratex Energy Texas Railroad Commission Seeks to Modernize Gas Flaring Rules

26 May

Thanks to the exploration and production boom in plays such as the Eagle Ford in South Texas and the Permian Basin in West Texas, the state is now the top natural gas producing state in the United States and the largest natural gas employer with nearly 1.3 million direct and indirect jobs.

However, the rise in natural gas production has resulted in a rise in gas flaring.


We at Ameratex Energy must proactively address flaring with fair, predictable, common-sense regulations based on science and fact.


Ameratex Energy Information Administration estimates world energy demand will increase by 53% between 2008 and 2035.

26 May

China’s leading ameratex energy company, Sinopec, is behind the first shale gas production campaign in the Far East giant. Industry observers say the Sichuan find could be huge, and could change the face of global natural gas. What does it mean to investors?


Ameratex Energy Information Administration estimates world energy demand will increase by 53% between 2008 and 2035.