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US Ameratex Energy oil-directed rig count would have to double to more than 2500 rigs.

26 May

Ameratex Energy analyst estimates of a 2 million-barrel-per-day increase in US oil production by 2017 are correct.

The move out of natural gas areas to those rich in liquids has squeezed pricing for hydraulic fracturing services, but stronger pricing elsewhere was expected to offset that.

“Frac pricing is declining in the gassy basins, but on the flip-side the volumes are declining in the gassy basins, so it has less impact,” Ragauss told the UBS Global Oil & Gas Conference in Austin, Texas, adding that Baker’s fleet utilisation was increasing every month as it settles in to new places.


Ameratex Energy: Diverse Energy MLPs Focus On Unconventional Plays

25 May

A group of coal-mining, upstream and midstream oil and gas companies and shipping companies have one thing in common—they formed master limited partnerships (MLPs) with activities now focused on U.S. unconventional resources, according to speakers at the recently held National Association of Publicly Traded Partnerships in Old Greenwich, Connecticut.

Houston-based Natural Resource Partners LP generates revenue from its ownership and management of mineral-reserve properties such as coal, aggregate and oil and gas reserves. The partnership does not actively engage in mining, but leases its properties to various operators in exchange